8 "Professional Pet Grooming Set

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Freelander's professional pet grooming set comes with a thinning shear, straight edged-shear, curved scissors, and chunker shears. So, if you're looking to have something that you can bring on-the-go or while you're traveling with your pup, this is the pet grooming set perfect for you! Not only that you've got every pet grooming tool you need for trimming and cutting your pup's hair, but it's also enclosed in one travel-friendly pouch that has compartments everywhere.

​All shears have a delicate 8-inch screw that's secured tightly to hold the blades in place. The blades are made of Japan 440C steel with a hardness of 62 HRC. In this way, you're guaranteed that you're working with a pet grooming set that won't get rusty any time soon. The scissors and shears included in this set are also versatile enough to be used on all pets. With its sleek steel structure, the pet grooming set reduces any messy hair that's stuck in the blades.